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About JDSG

We are empowerment. growth. opportunity. potential.

Meet Jennifer Dixon, Founder & CEO

With 20 years of sales and revenue strategy experience, Jennifer brings an expertise that is a unique blend of high-level strategic vision combined with a results-oriented focus on execution.

Jennifer started JD Solutions Group with the goal to sell with purpose. It is her firm belief after years of working in executive leadership roles focused on senior living that sales can and should be human-centric and empathy-driven when it comes to prospective families and the decisions they make about their future.

Her focus and inspiration is to change the way the senior living industry sells and how we interact with older adults and their families.

Meaningful Work, Meaningful Results

JD Solutions Group was founded in 2020 with a mission to empower investors, owners, and operators of senior living communities to grow their sales and operating teams to their fullest potential.

With deep expertise in senior living sales and revenue operations, JDSG provides customized solutions that will guide your revenue strategy and drive performance, all while keeping relationship-building and actionable empathy at the core of your business.

The Current State of Senior Living Sales

Recruiting and retaining top sales talent has always been a challenge. Pre-pandemic, senior living sales positions were known for high turnover rates; the difficulty only increased when COVID-19 struck in 2020. At JDSG, our focus has always been on investing in continuing education and performance growth for salespeople with a focus on critical thinking and emotional intelligence. Now, more than ever, there is an opportunity to change the way people think about senior living sales and senior living itself.


On average, it takes 15-25 touches to convert senior living customers


The average cost for a senior living lead is $431

Aggregated leads services can drive that number to well over $4,000 per lead


The average Inquiry-to-Move-In conversion rate for senior living leads is 8% 

This means that 8 out of 10 inquiries have opted not to move forward in the sales process


Senior living providers saw a 41% decrease in sales inquiries after the COVID-19 outbreak began

Source: Invoca Data

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