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JD Solutions Group

Our Process

Solution-Based Sales

JD Solutions Group was formed to challenge the status quo in sales, and better equip leaders, especially in senior living and care, to reach, convert, and retain customers. Prioritizing the growth of your sales team and sales directors is key to increased conversions and business longevity.

To help grow and develop sales teams, we focus on a multi-tiered approach that includes sales coaching and training, implementation of sales systems (including CRM and reporting), and best practices. With an end result of acquiring and nurturing prospective families throughout the customer journey.

Whatever your business uses as its success metric – move-ins, occupancy rates, or profitability – we focus on NOI (net operating income) to ensure that our value is tangible and trackable over time.

Customized Program & Roadmap

Current processes in senior living sales rely on dated scripts and templates setting a low bar for personalization and a lack of connection when working with families and prospective residents. JDSG takes a different approach to the customer journey – we align the needs of prospective families with the mission, vision, and culture of your organization.

Once we begin working together, JDSG will create a project roadmap for your business to help set and meet objectives and chart a path for growth. Depending on the scale and goals of your business, this program may include:

  • Executive Discovery – assessing the current state of your sales and business strategy
  • Playbook Development – Custom sales playbooks and turnkey sales systems designed for your organization
  • Community Roadmaps – Occupancy Growth and Census Recovery
  • Strategic Marketing Planning – Ensuring the current objectives combine digital marketing, lead generation, and sales enablement
  • Talent Assessment – Sales recruitment, onboarding, and training

Leading with Empathy

Selling senior living is about selling change and better understanding the lives of those we hope to serve. Our goal is to coach senior sales professionals to guide families through the decision-making process in an empathetic, not scripted way.

At JD Sales Group, we help organizations extend their company mission and vision to the sales journey because we know that to reach more seniors, we must do a better job of understanding them and meeting them where they are right now.

“Before the pandemic, senior living sales was known for its high turnover. It has always been difficult to attract new talent, but now that we know growing sales performance is the key to sustainable results, there is an opportunity to change that notion.”

Jennifer Dixon, Founder & CEO

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